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In May of 2014 I purchased my first pair of Flemish Giant cross rabbits. I had a plan...


Local playschools and daycares had been bringing groups of young children out to the farm for field trips and picnics for a couple of years. They had enjoyed seeing the cows and calves and being able to play with kittens, goats, and kids, so I knew that they would enjoy the rabbits as well. 

Growing up, my best friend's family survived on goats, chickens and rabbits that they raised. I remember well enjoying many amazing meals where rabbit was the main course. I had high hopes of raising my own rabbits so that I could once again enjoy these delicacies and perhaps come up with some of my own. I envisioned myself learning to work with the soft pelts and the beautiful things I would create. Sadly (?), in my almost 7 years of raising rabbits, we have yet to butcher even one.

It turns out the market for rabbits in our area has been very good. We believe in giving our animals the very best life that we can, even IF they are destined to become food, they are well cared for, doted upon, and loved. We thank them for everything they provide for us. Many of our rabbits have become beloved pets or breeding stock for other families. I've never had enough mature rabbits on hand to consider butchering. Honestly, for the price people have been willing to pay for them, I can't justify eating them.

Over time, I have started researching and breeding a variety of rabbits, some as pets and others as meat stock. I'm still learning and consider myself a 'newbie' in the industry. When it comes to raising beautiful, healthy, sociable rabbits, I have that piece down pat. However, I'm slowly moving into a more 'professional' role when it comes to my buns. I've found a few breeds that I truly love and have started adding pedigreed stock to my rabbitry. I recently joined ARBA (America Rabbit Breeders Association) and have applied to become a registered rabbitry. 

I look forward to sharing information on the various breeds and individual rabbits we raise.

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